Photogrammetric Survey

With the introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, SFM algorithms and high-definition cameras, archaeologists can now record their sites in unprecedented detail. A versatile, rapid and cost effective tool for recording and analysis of objects and surfaces, multi-image photogrammetry or Structure From Motion (SFM) has developed rapidly over the past decade. Having become an industry staple SFM is used widely throughout archaeology and the development industry to capture high-resolution 3D surfaces with complete texture modelling at sub-centimetre accuracies.

Structure From Motion (SMF) studies have revolutionised the use of photogrammtery within Archaeology

Remote-sensing Airborne LiDAR Photogrammetric Survey

Applied both within the terrestrial and maritime environments SFM is a paradigm in archaeological recording, often such surveys can form the basis for detailed remote-sensing and cultural mapping utilising image classification studies, GIS based mapping and 3D modelling to explore the historic environment in new and innovative ways.

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