Over the course of 6 seasons the project team designed, built and implemented customised geospatial GIS database software for the management of all heritage in Qatar, known as QCHIMS (Qatar Cultural Heritage Information Management System). However, we not only built a world-class geospatial database, but undertook extensive work to populate the database.

This involved data mining, excavation, survey, remote sensing and data management. To date the database holds records on over 7,000 archaeological sites, hundreds of bibliographic references, old documents and more than 25,000 photographs.

The software was developed to be compatible with other government ministries using regional data standards and culturally relevant thesauri. This geospatial data base is now a phenomenally powerful, intuitive geospatial database that holds extensive cultural and heritage records for future museums development, schools, universities and regional researchers.

The database was populated by field survey work that was ongoing throughout the entire six years of the QNHER project. The software is now used by Qatar Museums staff in order to safeguard and protect Qatar’s unique heritage

For further information visit:

QCHIMS at the Qatar Museums

Developing the Qatar Cultural Heritage Information Management System for the Qatar Museums Authority - QCHIMS

The Qatar National Historic Environment Record Project (QNHER)

Images above and to the right show screenshots of the software developed by the team, note the software was developed for both Arabic and English users but could be developed for any other language.

Since Birmingham University developed the QCHIMS software the Qatar Museums have used developers from the university to add a finds tab to the existing database.

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