Remote-sensing surveys can rapidly map and characterise large areas and landscapes with astounding accuracy

Every year more and more satellites are released into the earths orbit. The vast quantities of data pouring in from such devices is enabling us to envision the globe in unprecedented detail. MOSPA’s geomatics team can acquire and interpret such data to create a range of highly accurate and innovative mapping products

Remote-sensing Airborne LiDAR Photogrammetric Survey

Much of human history can be traced through the impacts of human actions upon the environment. Through the application of remote-sensing technology (the indirect acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon) archaeologists can investigate large areas of land, rapidly quantifying and assessing potential heritage assets.

High resolution satellite imagery, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral and Low Altitude Aerial Survey (LAAP) in conjunction with the application of cutting edge image classification techniques such as object based identification, provides a vast range of possibilities for characterising the existing natural and historic environments.

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