The Rantidi Forest Mapping Project

A collaborative project between MOSPA, Eastern Washington University and the Cypriot Archaeological Department, to create a unique record of heritage sites in the Rantidi area of Cyprus.

The Rantidi Forest mapping project recorded the historic landscape of the Rantidi forest and Pafos district. The project introduced new techniques and technology in established areas of research such as Heritage Management, terrestrial Survey and Remote Sensing.

Over several months the team created a comprehensive Historic Environment Record containing over 2000 potential archaeological sites. These ranged from prehistoric encampments and early settlements to medieval industrial sites.

The resultant data-set was stored in a customised HER database constructed specifically for the project. Alongside extensive and intensive surveys of the area, the team constructed a GIS database which combined a range of topographical, historical and cultural information with remotely sensed imagery.

Geospatial locations, photographs and textual data are stored within the central database forming the core of the HER; these records are then exported to our GIS platform, providing up-to-date mapping of the historical environment.

In a time of rapid development in many parts of the world including Cyprus and the wider Mediterranean, it is a sad fact that archaeological and historical sites, monuments and artefacts are increasingly under threat of damage or destruction either through active vandalism, commercial development or neglect.  

The aim of the project was to provide a dynamic and detailed Historic Environment Record for the Rantidi Forest area, including a comprehensive system by which the archaeological and historical landscape can be accurately mapped and recorded.

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